Our Present


So far in 2010, we have had one co-bred litter of eleven puppies (3 rough & 8 smooth) co-bred with Micha Ann (Micki) Elliott in Orlando, FL. We also hope for puppies due here at Deep River in late November.  Contact us for details.  Our current owned or co-owned girls for whom we have breedings planned over the next year to year and a half include rough and smooth champions.   Some will be bred to outside stud dogs and others to our own boys.

So far in 2010, 8 Deep River Collies have finished championships (3 rough & 5 smooth) for their owners!  Our collies and their owners have earned 8 agility & obedience and/or rally titles so far this year and 6 herding titles!  A number of others are training and competing for titles in these venues and in other performance venues.  We are very proud of them all!