Claire’s Collie Art

Original 9″x13″ watercolors below are samples of Claire’s work and are for sale  at $30 each. Original 9″x13″ watercolor of your collie(s) (or any dog) alone or with other animals $35, shipping included. Claire’s email address is  Here is Claire’s watercolor blog address:

Rough Puppy Meets Goat


Beautiful Blue Smooth


Collies Are Agile


4 Responses to Claire’s Collie Art

  1. Janie Nafsinger says:

    lovely art. Where are the herding samples? I think they would be great awards for Regionals! Janie

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Janie,
      Claire did a beautiful herding sheltie watercolor as a gift for Ellen Russell to give a friend. I also think they would make terrific CCA regional trophie.

  2. Kathy Higgins says:

    Your artwork is beautiful- do you do portraits? We just lost our beautiful Collie, Kayla. I work for a large wholesale picture frame moulding wholesaler in TX. and deal with a large number of artists your work is lovely.

    For 6 great years we shared our family with beautiful Kayla who we purchased at age 5 ½ from a show and breeding home in College Station, TX. She was from the Luv Echo line. Kayla died of cancer and our hearts are broken. I noticed on your website you are expecting puppies this month, Can you tell me when and if any puppies are available. I would like a tri color or black female. We would also consider a young adult. I can send references.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Kathy,
      I’ll let Claire, the artist know of your interest. She does a nice job with collies and has very reasonable prices.

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