FEBRUARY 2015 DEEP RIVER NEWS (updated 2/28)



Hi Cliff the Lady Eve PACH (Cora’s daughter)


Kathy W. in ME earned a PACH on her lovely 11-year-old girl Eve on this the second weekend in Feb.  What an accomplishment for our dear friend and her wonderful girl!  

Julie RN, MAX, MXJ (Lyric’s daughter) 


Anne H. in NY writes about her beautiful girl: “Julie achieved her Masters Agility Jumpers title (MXJ) last weekend in Elkton, FL.  She had achieved her Masters Agility Standard title (MAX) title last Fall.  Also, according to PowerScore website Julie was the 3rd fastest collie at the 20″ Regular Class Jump Height in 2014.  That’s our Deep River girl!”

Deep River’s Lust for Life of Kelwyn BN, RN, AXJ (Karch)



Elizabeth R. writes, “Karch (Scout x Haylee) recently participated in his first F.A.S.T. events.  Rec’d a second place on his first run (on his fourth birthday January 30th) and a first place on his second run.  One more Q needed for his F.A.S.T. Novice 20″ Title!”  Happy Birthday to Karch & his littermates from Deep River!

Puppy in Training Agility Star & Current Agility Star Roxie & Katydid. Roxie (Scout/Tori) Katydid (Indy/Music)


Catherine C. just sent Katydid’s final NADAC agility standings for 2014 by breed. Katydid has quite the record:

Chances – 1st
Jumpers – 1st
Regular – 2nd
Hoopers – 2nd
Tunnelers – 2nd
Weavers – 2nd
Touch ‘n Go – 3rd


Gold GCH Ceilidh Deep River Haute Couture (Scout’s daughter)


Chanel continues her winning ways in St. Louis at the Feb. 7 & 8 specialties. She was BOV in a field of 20+ smooths and on to Best in Specialty Show on Sunday over the rough entry with  Dona W. handling. At the two Piedmont Collie Club Specialties on Valentine’s Day, Chanel was BOV & BOS to BOB at the morning show and Select at the second.

Chanel has another stellar weekend, this time in specialties in South TX.  She earned 6 BOV’s and 2 Best in Speciialty Show wins over the rough entry. (Scout/Candy)

While in TX, Chanel visited Dona’s daughter Rachel’s family. Chanel smooches with one of Dona’s grand babies – so cute!!!


Deep River’s Bankside Unexpected Glaswegian


Also at the PCC specialties, our 12-year-old Junior Handler Vicky S. handled Debbie O.’s 6-month-old tri girl, Weegie, to WB for 2 pts. Unfortunately, the major broke by one entry. Weegie is Debbie’s first show collie and their first show! (Roger/Ruby)

Because when you’re 6-months-old asking for bait in a show pose and socializing with other collies and their owners takes a lot out of a girl, a nap with a friendis in order!


CH Deep River Ceilidh Deep River Next Top Model & Vicky Best Junior Handler @ the PCC (Color photo didn’t turn out.)


Vicky had her hands full handling at the PCC. Below, she’s showing Sandee H.’s young blue boy, Brice – Spring’s son – below. Everyone is blue in this photo!


Spiritwind Prize Fighter (Roger/Sage)


Janna W’s blue boy was WD & BOW at both PCC shows for a total of 4 pts. He is 6-months-old now. I don’t have any recent photos but here’s one of several she sent of the puppies in this litter at 6 weeks. His dam, Sage, is a Scout daughter.

GCH Deep River Crosswind Jake O’Lantern CGC, RN (Aaron/Joy)


Sandy S. showed her boy, Jake, in Veteran’s Class at the PCC where he earned Select. Those two make a great team, and seeing one of my Joy’s kids in the ring makes me remember all the great memories. HTCh DC Deep River’s Comfort and Joy CD, RE, HSAdsc, HSBs, HXAdc, VX, ROM passed away from cancer just before her 11th birthday in December. 

Aspen (Scout/Tory)


Aspen takes a rest with 11-year- old GCH Piper (Joy’s brother).


Melissa in MN writes: Just an update that Aspen went to her first show and got her first point with a Best of Winners.
It was quite a learning weekend with lots of firsts for her. She was exhausted by the time we got home but very happy to see her pack.
I won’t have anywhere to take her out again until June, so we will just keep on working on the training, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting her out this summer.

Marley (Rafi/Gracie)


Marley was WB & BOW at several of the South TX collie specialty shows for her first points – not sure how many. She is currently 6 months; this photo was taken at 5 months. Larry P. handled her to at least one win & Tina P. (pictured above) to one.

CH Deep River’s Bad to the Bone (Astrid)


Kathy W. sent this lovely photo of Joy’s daughter Astrid shown in Veteran’s class at the Collie Club of Maine Annette S. She still loves the dog shows, especially the treats!

Deep River Dublin Hill Ghost Bride CGC, PT, HTADIs (major ptd. AKC)


Bridhe is now 15-months-old. Co-owner Claire says, Bridhe was, um, mishandled a little, but I corrected it and she got all her points and one of her wins with a Group 3. UKC conformation shows in Lumberton, NC.


Bridhe & Friends


Claire took Bridhe, Kestral & Glinda to two rally trials Feb. 27 & 28. All three qualified at both trials. Bridhe’s two Q’s were in the 90’s. 🙂 Claire said that Charlie did well in Novice B obedience until he decided to lie down on the long sit! 🙁 

Deep River Bankside Sign of Four gets her CGC  (Daniel/Ruby)


Pam B.’s girl, Sydney passed her CGC with flying colors!



From FL Shirley C. writes, Nim’s Intermediate Trick Dog Title Certificate came in the mail today. Clever little Num-Num! (Roger/Gracie)


My girl Remy (Rafi/Gracie) & Cindy S.’s girl (Sophie) both 6-months-old, went to their first shows on Valentine’s Day. Claire caught the shot below of the two of them in the ring.


Here’s one of Cindy & Sophie


Kathy W. sent candids of 6-month-old Zhora at her first show at one of the CT collie specialties. (Roger/Ruby litter)



Anika – Pam B.’s tri girl & Zhora’s sister experiences her first NC snow & ice.


Tami O. sent this photo of 6-month-old Switch at the sporting goods store. (Scout/Tori)


Julie E. sent the photo below of August, also from our Scout/Tori litter.  Julie says he’s ready for poker night with his chewy substitute cigar! 


Lang M. sent the photo below of August’s brother, Treve, out in the sun (not much sunshine in NC lately). Must have been bright enough for sunglasses; Treve’s eyes are closed. 😎


Treve’s tri sister, Cass, with her friends in CA. Owners’ Wendi & Chris sent these. Breathtaking views:



Ann Wallace holds her new blue boy from our Brisco/Ziva litter born November 28. He has lots of new toys and a couple of corgi friends!



Ann & her boy below at the Sat. Obedience/Rally trial:



Kathye W. sent this photo of her tri boy, Cole, also from the Brisco/Ziva litter.   He’s resting after his trek from NC to FL.


Cole All Settled In a Week Later



When the Weather is Frightful!


Vicky’s Dog Show Philosophy


Do we know any collies with names like his?


Happy B’day, Bon! (Kip/Swap) 


From Carolynne R. Happy Birthday to my wild and crazy Bonfire! They told me to be careful as to what you name your dog…:) I love you to the ends of the earth! Cannot believe that I have been blessed with you for 3 years already. Where does the time go? You have taught me so much. I already know that you are my once in a lifetime dog. 

Chase (Scout/Candy)

15chaseoscarsAlice W. sent this photo of Chase (Chanel’s brother) watching the Oscars!  😉 

Tyra asking Vicky to stop reading her book on her tablet – “Let’s do something!


The Perks of Old Age According to CH Wiggy CD, RE, HSAdsc, HIAd, VC: 1)Rest all you want, 2)Beg for treats when you’re around a soft touch, 3)Be as mischievious as you like because at 14 years everyone believes you’re senile, 4)Pretend you need to be carried except when you think there’s no one watching & then do it yourself, 5)Get all humans to wait on you hand & foot.  😀 


Deysi & Ziva in the NC Snow


From Tim H.  – We got 8 inches of snow at our house.  Deysi thinks she’s a Siberian out there running around like crazy.  Ziva thinks she’s a taste tester and tries to find the best patch of snow.  Brisco just likes seeing the snow turn yellow!! 😀  He actually has been very stoic, prancing around acting like he is King of the Snow.

Pam B’s Rafi enjoying our recent NC snow


Pam B.’s Anika (Roger/Ruby) at 6 months


Stephanie’s smooth Bogie/Tasha daughter, Lacey, plays in the NC snow with her rescue “brother.”


Tori – Visiting in NJ


Ziva – Post Puppies


Tickle – Post Puppies





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