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Introduction: Deep River is located on 5 acres in rural Chatham County, NC. I began with my first collie in 1974, a sable rough pet named Mandy. It was evident immediately that this was the breed for me! Obedience class sparked my interest in dog shows, and I started attending as a spectator. The next step, of course, was to buy another collie, this time to show in conformation and obedience. I was completely hooked and have been training and showing collies ever since.

Breeding Program:
My breeding program began slowly. I showed for 4 years to learn about this wonderful breed before I bred a litter. For the first 15 years, I averaged a litter every year or two. I gradually increased to a litter or two a year. Over the past 10 years, between a litter or two of my own and a couple of litters co-bred with others, Deep River produces an average of 4 litters per year. For my first 17 years in collies, I bred and exhibited roughs only. Now I breed and exhibit both roughs and smooths in sable, sable merle, tri and blue merle.

Conformation Record:
I’m proud to have sold many top winning and producing collies to others. We have owned and/or bred two roughs and six smooths in the Top 10 Conformation Collies in the nation. Our collies have been reserve or winners in roughs or smooths at the collie national 18 times. We have won BOV (Best of Variety) smooth twice, BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) smooth once, BOS to BOB (Best of Breed) once and AOM (Award of Merit) 9 times. In 2006, CH Deep River Karizma Rowan UD, RAE, MX, MXJ, HSAs was MVC (Most Versatile Collie in Show) at the national [owner: Susan Klein].

We have had many ROM (Register of Merit) collies, including CH Deep River’s Right on Red, HIC, ROM. As of September, 2007, Rita was the number one producing smooth collie bitch in breed history with 17 champion offspring (smooth & rough) bred to 4 different sires – her record was not surpassed until 2010. Rita passed away in 2008 at age 15 years. (DOB: 3-11-93)

Performance Record:
Herding is my current passion. We began training in mid-2004 after I retired from teaching and have been earning titles ever since. I also enjoy obedience & rally and have just begun my own collies’ agility training although others who have Deep River Collies have excelled in agility for a number of years now. I have also gone back to earning obedience titles on my own collies. I’ve always enjoyed training and taught class for 12 years. I’m happy to be back to performance work of all kinds.

Health: All of our collies undergo eye exams between 7 and 9 weeks by a board certified ophthalmologist. We are currently testing breeding stock for MDR1 status (multi-drug resistance mutation). All Deep River collies hip x-rayed to date have been OFA certified. We have had no PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), no Cyclic Neutropenia (grey collie syndrome), and have had no hereditary Idiopathic Epilepsy (seizure disorders) in our history in collies. We had GDV (Gastric Dilatation Volvulous – torsion/bloat) in the 1980s and have worked hard since then to eliminate that from our breeding program. We have produced four DM collies over the years – and have worked to eliminate that immune mediated disorder (and avoid all immune mediated disorders) ever since. Deep River collies are guaranteed against genetic diseases and defects. ). On average our collies live for 12 to13 years. We have had a few live until age 15.

Temperament: We pride ourselves on sound, outgoing temperaments. We breed for happy, intelligent collies – some components of temperament are genetically controlled. Before we place our puppies, we puppy aptitude test and herding test on ducks. We have a puppy play ground with obstacles and toys to allow our collies to develop their natural curiosity. Deep River Collies excel in conformation and performance and make wonderful pets and companions.


Kathy V. Moll
Member, Collie Club of America
Member, Collie Club of Am. Quarter Century Group

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